6 benefits of donating blood

Blood is a vital part of the human body and any deficiency in blood levels can cause serious complications in the health of a person. Various events like accidents or injuries cause blood levels to drop, and the injured may need emergency blood to be saved. Other than that, patients suffering from blood disorders also require constant transfusion which makes donation of blood an even more important task for the general public. Thus, it is important for people to understand the need of blood donation and how it can save lives.

Did you know that a single blood donation can save up to three lives?

Moreover, blood donation also benefits the donor, and you may be unaware of them. Perhaps you are considering donating blood but are uncertain of the consequence it will have on your body. Or maybe you’ve given blood before and are inquisitive about how it might influence you if you donate frequently. In any situation, you may be amazed at some of the advantages that come as a result of donating blood.

Following are the six top advantages that you should know about:

The six benefits of giving blood

  1. Tell possible health problems
  2. Donating blood can be a way to focus on your cardiovascular health. A mini-physical check-up is conducted before the blood draw. In this check-up, your pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, haemoglobin and other essential details are examined. This can sometimes disclose health issues you didn’t even know about or didn’t notice before and are unusual to you. A random check-up on your blood quality could be a basic way to recognize a health issue before it becomes dangerous.

  3. Lower the risk of a Heart Attack
  4. As per a study conducted by the American Journal of Epidemiology, donating blood once in a year could reduce 88% possibility of a heart attack.
    The high levels of iron in the blood compress your blood vessels and create more risk of a heart attack. Reducing those additional iron deposits by donating blood gives your blood vessels more space to function.

  5. Reduce your risk of cancer
  6. According to a study published by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Phlebotomy (the process of drawing blood) was found to be an iron-depletion process that is linked with lower cancer risk and mortality rate. The study emphasized on patients affected by Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), which the Mayo Clinic defines as a common circulatory problem. PAD patients who frequently donated blood had a less chance of developing cancer rather than those who did not.

  7. Help your liver stay healthy
  8. Another danger of excessive iron is how it affects the well-being of your liver. The report of The National Center for Biotechnology Information says that “In recent years, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) has reached widespread proportions.”
    This report has linked too much iron with NAFLD, Hepatitis C and other liver diseases and infections. Though there are many other aspects involved in these problems, donating blood can help release some of those iron supplies and avoid additional issues in your liver.

  9. Help your Mental State
  10. While there are various physical advantages in donating blood, the most influential health benefit is perhaps the psychological realm. Donating blood means that someone somewhere will be getting the help they are in dire need of. Which gives you the satisfaction that you have saved at least one life with your blood.

  11. Help the Humanity

Donating blood, especially on a frequent basis, can be similar to volunteer work. You give your precious time in donating blood to help strangers in need.
This kind of regular, humanitarian interaction has key psychological benefits. Getting out of your typical environment to do something good for someone else is motivating in the best kind of way. It is also observed that volunteering is said to have positive effects on happiness. In people over 65-years-old, volunteering also reduces the risk of depression and isolation.

Blood donation benefits everyone

The health benefits of donating blood are considerable—but of course, the most essential benefit of giving blood is helping save lives. Donating blood is worthy for you, and it’s even better for all the people who are in desperate need of blood to live their lives.
So aim to donate blood today. Get in touch with our blood banks and find how you can save lives with your donation.