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Laboratory Services

Husaini Laboratory provides pathological inquiry tests that help in diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Since 2010, Husaini Labs have performed millions of diagnostic investigations, done by staff trained in international practices on state-of-the-art equipment.

The diagnostic lab was started in 1979 to fulfil the blood investigation requirements of our Thalassemia and Hemophilia patients. Overtime, its reliability led to creation of demand for a comprehensive diagnostics service, leading to the current wide variety of tests done through our 30+ locations across the region.

Tests we Offer

Take a look at our lab test directory with details regarding routine and special chemistry, radiology and sonology tests.

Tests we Offer

24 Hours Urine For Calcium
24 Hours Urine For Creatinine Clearance
24 Hours Urine For Protein
24 Hours Urine For Uric Acid
Blood Urea Nitrogen / BUN
CBC-Complete Blood Count
Clinical Examination
Ra factor/ rheumatoid factor (rf)
Csf (cerebrospinal fluid) for afb/z.N. Stain
Direct bilirubin
Ear swab for c/s
Fasting blood sugar
Glucose challenge test/gct
Hepatitis b surface antigen /hbsag
Ict anti hcv
Ict malaria
Liver function tests
Medical fitness report
Peritoneal fluid for d/r
Pleural fluid d/r
Prothrombin time /p.T.
Ra factor/ rheumatoid factor (rf)
Red cell antibody screening
Rpr / Vdrl
Sgot / Ast
Spot urine for calcium
Spot urine protein/ creatinine ratio
Sputum for fungus
Stool occult blood
Tlc/total leucocytes count
Total protein
Urine examination
Urine for reducing sugar
Absolute Indices
Acetylcholine Receptor (Achr) Antibody
Alkaline Phosphatase
Bleeding Time /B.T.
Clotting Time /C.T.
Random Blood Sugar
Csf (cerebrospinal fluid) for d/r
Direct coomb's test
Fluid for d/r (detail report)
Glucose tollerance test/gtt
Hdl cholesterol
Hepatitis c virus anti body /anti hcv
Ict hbsag
Indirect coomb's
Ldl cholesterol
Nail clipping for fungus
Pleural fluid for gram stain
print cp
Pus for dr
Random blood sugar
Renin plasma level
Saag /serum-ascites albumin gradient
Sgpt (alt)
Spot urine for uric acid
Sputum for afb/z.N. Stain
Stool examination
Synovial fluid for d/r
Total bilirubin
Wound swab for c/s (culture & sensitivity)
Uric acid
Urine for chloride
urine for sodium
APTT/Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time
Ascitic Fluid For Z.N. Stain
ASOT /Anti Streptolysin O Titre
Blood Group & Rh Factor
Cardiac Enzymes
Coomb's test
Red Cell Antibody Identification
Crp / c-reactive protein
Csf (cerebrospinal fluid) for gram stain
Dlc/differential leucocytes count
Esr / erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Gamma gt
Gram stain
Helicobacter pylori ict
Hvs / high vaginal swab for d/r
Ict hiv-1/2
Lipid profile
Malarial parasite
Pericardial fluid for d/r
Pleural fluid for z.N. Stain
Protein ag ratio
Pus for z.N. Stain
Red cell antibody identification
Reticulocytes count
Semen analysis
Spot urine protein
Sputum for d/r
Stool for reducing substance
Z.N. Stain / afb stain
Total bilirubin.
urine c/s (culture & sensitivity)
Urine for potassium
Urine hcg/pregnancy
24 hours urine for microalbumin
Acth/ adrenocorticotropic hormone
Arterial blood gases (abg)
Alpha fetoprotein
ANA profile
Anti cardiolipin antibody igm & igg
Anti lkm-1/liver kidney microsomal antibodies
Ascitic fluid for ldh
Anti phospholipid antibodies igm
Chikungunya igm antibodies ict
Cmv igm
Free androgen index profile
Dengue antibodies igg/igm (ict)
Dheas /dihydroepiandrosterone sulphate
Ena (extractable nuclear antigens) profile
Fta abs/ fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption
Giardia antigen stool
Haptoglobin serum
Hepatitis c virus rna by pcr qualitative
Hba1c/glycosylated haemoglobin
Helicobacter pylori antibody igg (elisa)
Hepatitis b core antibody igm /anti hbc igm
Hepatitis b surface antibody /anti hbs
Hepatitis b virus pcr qualitative special
Hepatitis be antigen /hbe antigen
Hepatitis c virus rna quantitative by pcr
Hepatitis delta virus by pcr qualitative
Hepatitis delta virus by pcr quantitative
Her2 neu
Peritoneal fluid for c/s
Histopathology biopsy large
Hiv/human immunodeficiency virus ag/ab
Hvs / high vaginal swab for c/s
Screening test for thalassaemia minor by soft technique
Microalbumin urine
Pleural fluid for ldh
Pth - (intact)
Pus for cytology
Screening test for thalassaemia minor by soft technique
Rh (d) antibody titre
Serum carbamazepine /tegretol level
Serum ige /immunoglobulin e
Serum immunoglobulins (igg, iga, igm)
Stool for helicobacter pylori antigen
Serum protein electrophoresis
Sputum for c/s
Syphilis treponema pallidum antibodies (cmia)
Tegretol /carbamazepine
Thyroglobulin auto antibodies/ anti tg
Total lipids
Thyroid peroxidase auto antibodies/anti tpo
Tsh/thyroid stimulating hormone
Urine osmolality
Wound swab for c/s
Ace/ angiotensin-converting enzyme
Afb c/s (acid fast bacilli culture & sensitivity)
Ascitic fluid for c/s(culture & sensitivity)
Amoebiasis (I.H.A.)
Anca (canca & panca)
Anti ccp/ anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide
Anti phospholipid (igg & igm)
Blood c/s (culture & sensitivity)
Anti t-t igg/ anti tissue transglutaminase igg
c3/ complements3
Cea /carcinoembryonic antigen
Free t3
Csf (cerebrospinal fluid) for c/s
Csf (cerebrospinal fluid) for c/s
Dengue ab/ag combo rapid
Donor screening
Er / estrogen receptor
Fibrinogen level
Fnac/ fine needle aspiration cytology
Fungus culture
Gram stain.
Hb electrophoresis
Hepatitis c virus genotyping
Hbv genotyping
Hepatitis a virus antibody igm
Hepatitis b core antibody total /anti hbc total
Hepatitis b virus genotyping
Hepatitis b virus pcr quantitative
Hepatitis c virus genotyping
Hepatitis delta virus by pcr qualitative
Hepatitis delta virus by pcr quantitative
Hepatitis e virus antibody igg
Pleural fluid for c/s
Herpes simplex virus igg
Histopathology biopsy small
Home collection
Mtb dna pcr /mycobacterium tuberculosis dna by pcr
Serum androstenedione
Pus for afb culture & sensitivity
Rbc folate
Rubella igg
Serum androstenedione
Serum digoxin level
Serum igg /immunoglobulin g
Serum lipase
Serum zinc level
Synovial fluid for c/s
Spot urine creatinine
Sputum for cytology
Thyroid antibodies
Thyroid profile
Toxoplasmosis igg
Troponin I (qualitative)
Urine amylase
Valproic acid/ epival level
Vitamin b-12
Acid phosphatase
Anti cardiolipin antibody igg
Anti dsdna
Anti phospholipid antibodies igg
Anti t-tg iga/ anti tissue transglutaminase iga
Ascitic fluid for cytology
Bone biopsy
Ascitic fluid for d/r
c4/ complements4
Ceruloplasmin serum
cmv igg
Free t4
cmv igg
Culture & sensitivity
Dengue ns1 antgen rapid
Echinococcus antibodies
Estradiol / Oestrogen
Fluid for cytology
Folate / folic acid
Growth hormone
Hb electrophoresis (stat)
Hepatitis c virus rna by pcr qualitative
Helicobacter pylori antibody igg
Hepatitis a virus antibody total
Hepatitis a virus antibody total
Hepatitis a virus antibody total
Hepatitis be antibody /anti hbe special
Hepatitis c virus genotyping subtype
Hepatitis delta virus by pcr quantitative
Hepatitis delta virus antibody/ anti hdv
Hepatitis e virus antibody igm
Pap smear for cytology
Herpes simplex virus igm
Hiv pcr quantitative
Homocysteine (plasma)
Lactate/ lactic acid
Serum beta hcg
Pleural fluid for cytology
Pr / progesterone receptor
Prostatic acid phosphatase
Psa/prostate specific antigen
Pus for c/s (culture &sensitivity)
Renal stone (calculus) examination
Rubella igm
Serum beta hcg
Serum iga /immunoglobulin a
Serum igm /immunoglobulin m
Serum osmolality
Synovial fluid for cytology
Sickle cell test
Sputum for afb c/s (culture & sensitivity)
Stool c/s (culture & sensitivity)
Throat swab for c/s (culture & sensitivity)
Thyroid peroxidase auto antibodies/ anti tpo
Torch profile
Toxoplasmosis igm
Urine for bence jones protein
Vitamin d (25-hydroxy)
Exfoliative cytology for malignance
U/s kub & post void urine
U/s kub/ ultrasonogram of kidney urinary bladder
U/s pelvis
U/s abdomen and pelvis
U/s k.U.B and prostate and post void urine
U/s prostate and post void urine
Ultra sound whole abdomen
Ultrasound breast
Ultrasound liver and gall blader
Ultrasound lower abdomen
Ultrasound pelvis and f.W.B
Ultrasound scrotum and testes
Ultrasound single viscera organ
Ultrasound thyroid
Ultrasound upper abdomen
Abdomen erect
Abdomen plain
Abdomen supine
Ankle joint ap/ lat
Arm & humerus ap/lat
Barium meal
Cervical ap/lat
Cervical spine ap/lat
Chest ap view
Chest oblique view
Chest pa/lat view
Chest x-ray p/a view
Coccyx ap/lat
Dorsal spine ap/lat
Elbow joint ap/lat
Femur ap/lat (2 film)
Forearm ap/lat
Hand ap/lat
Heel ap lat
Heel both ap lat
Hip joint ap/lat
Knee joint ap/lat both
Foot ap/lat
Knee joint ap/lat both
Knee joint ap/lat single
Knee joint both standing view
Skull ap/lat
Skull lateral view
Tibia fibula ap (both, 2films)
Pelvis ap
Pns water view
Shoulder joint ap/lat
Lumbar spine ap
Lumbar spine ap/lat
Lumbar spine lat
Knee joint single standing view
Kub (under 12 years)
Kub 2 films
Tibia fibula ap/lat
Wrist joint ap/lat

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