"We pride ourselves in providing the finest medical services to
promote health and wellbeing for all”

Husaini was founded in 1979 by Late Hasan Ali Vajid at his clinic
in Soldier Bazar Karachi with the support of Late Mr. Hamid D.
Habib, chairman of Habib trusts. The foresight, dedication and pioneering efforts of the then trustees lead to the formation of Husaini Hematology and Oncology trust, an organization now best known to provide excellent medical services to the masses.


Husaini Blood Bank – an independent blood bank accredited by RINA (ISO9001), UKAS Quality Management, International Society of Blood Transfusion, Netherlands and PNAC (Pakistan National Accreditation Council) which is currently serving some 150 hospitals through a network of more than 75 branches all-over Pakistan. Husaini Blood Bank is a member of the American Association of Blood Banking, College of American Pathologists, International Society of Blood Transfusions, Thalassemia international Federation, and Thalassemia Federation of Pakistan, Sindh Blood transfusion Authority, Sindh Medical Faculty and Sindh Board of Technical Education.